Elon Musk Reveals How to Profit from Coronavirus

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Image captionElon Musk offers a new investment opportunity

Elon Musk, a real-life Iron Man revealed how he is profiting from coronavirus in this exclusive interview. He claims his latest venture can help regular people make over €10,000 per day on small investments during the times of crisis.

With the world battling coronavirus, the markets are very volatile. His latest project helps to profit from market movements – both up and down. Over 57,000 people have signed up to date and made over €15,765,000.00 at the time of writing.

Elon Musk’s new project remained a secret until today. The owner of PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, and other companies, announced that this platform is “the best place for your money during the coronavirus pandemic.”

“I strongly believe that in the turbulent times, the opportunity is plentiful. I started Tesla during the previous crisis, and it could not have been a better time. Currently, my friends and I are not only inventors, but also heavy investors in the automated trading tool that uses cryptocurrency and stock arbitrage to reap huge profits”, says Elon Musk.

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“We have been working on a quantum computer aided trading for a few years now. Now is the perfect time to release it. When the World is in chaos, this platform will help regular people achieve financial freedom. The platform is called Bitcoin Pro.“, says Elon Musk.

“We have designed the minimum investment to be €250 which is affordable by most of the first-time investors. Given how much individuals are spending to stock for the potential crisis, the sum is not high. In the context of COVID-19, an individual can easily double or triple this amount every day.“, billionaire claims.

“Right now, all of the investments in Bitcoin Pro are getting over 2,000% daily returns. The platform makes money even when the stock market is down, so you don’t need to worry about losses.”

BBC confirmed that the platform Bitcoin Pro was able to generate a stable return of €1,260 per day for every €250 invested since the start of the coronavirus crisis. That is more than multiplying your money five times every day.

“The current times are perfect for investing,” accountant Noah Jones from London, UK admitted. “I have been using Bitcoin Pro auto-trading functionality since the beginning of the COVID-19 virus crisis my original investment of €400 has gone up to over €26,843 in a week. The upside potential is just unprecedented.”

The idea behind the platform is simple: it allows regular people with no investment experience to easily invest in the market at a huge upside potential while minimizing the risk of loss. Bitcoin Pro won an investor’s award for its automated-trading algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data. Many investors turn towards this tool in crisis for its ability to make money even when markets go down.

It analyzes tens of thousands of trades a day and make decisions for its users. Many regular people have turned to this tool to maximize their savings for its low minimum deposit of €250 (or its equivalent in local currency).

BBC Reporters Put the Platform to the Test

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BBC has experimented by placing a small investment of €250 into Bitcoin Pro and left it alone for three days.

For comparison, we gave the exact sum to a professional day-trader with 12-year experience. We allowed him to make any trade he wishes. We put them to the test of who gets the higher returns!

The results were shocking. Our small investment in Bitcoin Pro platform grew into €29,860.52. Meanwhile, a day-trader generated a meek return of €306.51.

When we told the results to Elon Musk, he wasn’t surprised: “How can a day-trader compete with a platform that uses AI and analyzes thousands of trades every second? He can’t.”

Try it yourself

Right now, our readers can try the platform for the minimum deposit of just €250. This amount is available for withdrawal at any point, even if youlose it.

Note that the platform has limited open spaces, thus it is crucial that those interested sign up quickly. Also, the current market volatility presents perfect opportunities to reap massive daily gains on your investments.

In order to access the platform, just follow three steps:


1. Sign up for a free account by clicking here;

2. Deposit the minimum amount using a credit or debit card or a bank transfer;

3. Use the automated trading functionality to gain profits.



Note that you can withdraw your profits at any point in time without delay.

Step 1: Enter your Details on the official Bitcoin Pro website:

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