39 Celebs Without Makeup – Check All of Them, You Will Be Surprised to See How Different They Are

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Katie Holmes has now unlocked the ultimate beauty goals! The Batman Begins actress has effortlessly made her place among the list of most beautiful women in the world. And believe us when we say that makeup plays no role in it! Katie could throw on a pair of sneakers, wear a robe and take a walk around the street with no makeup on, and still leave an impression on anyone.

The secret to her prettiness is revealed to be skin texture maintenance. The stunner uses some prominent skincare products, but nothing works better than drinking plenty of water!


In 2019, the world’s youngest self-made billionaire – Social Media tycoon Kylie Jenner – founded a new skincare brand, Kylie Skin. Selling dermis products like scrubs and moisturizers, Kylie Skin was a hit on Social Media and TikTok in particular.

Kylie has her own skin problems, as stated by her no make-up selfie. When not wearing foundation, Kylie shows some skin blemishes and it seems like she could use some of Kylie Skin’s products! Don’t take us wrong, she still looks beautiful, but she’s missing the star-quality we normally associate with the Jenners/Kardashians.


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