Best wholesale ecommerce Platforms

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Wholesale eCommerce: What are the Best wholesale ecommerce Platforms

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  • Wholesale eCommerce: What are the Best wholesale ecommerce Platforms
  • What is Wholesale eCommerce?
  • Why Wholesalers Need eCommerce?
  • 10 Benefits of Wholesale eCommerce
  • What Are The Best Wholesale Ecommerce Platforms?
  • How To Choose Your wholesale ecommerce Platform?
  • 5 Tips help Your Wholesale Ecommerce Business Successful
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • How Leeline Sourcing Help You Find Best Ecommerce Wholesalers And Manufacturers
  • Final Thoughts on Wholesale Ecommerce
  • The wholesale ecommerce has shown tremendous growth over the last few years. This business model involves two businesses trading directly with each other.

    Because of their enormous market value, wholesale ecommerce is getting popularity day bay. Therefore many entrepreneurs are trying to get into this business line.

    And if you are one of them, you are in the right place. You need to continue the reading so that you can discover the best ecommerce platforms for your business.

  • What is Wholesale eCommerce?

    In wholesale ecommerce, a business uses the online platform and websites to buy the products from suppliers at the wholesale price. These wholesale platforms also offer a partnership with potential buyers.

    If you are a business owner and your suppliers are not providing the required products, you can use these wholesale platforms to get the best and reliable suppliers.

    Beside it, these wholesale platforms also give you a chance to get a wide variety of products.

    You can find the cheapest Chinese wholesalers and manufacturers are in the Asian and South Asian markets.

    You can utilize online wholesale platforms to access the suppliers with ease. You can also negotiate the prices, shipping processes, and many other things.

    If you are a manufacturer or assemble the products, these wholesale platforms can be an excellent opportunity for you to get different imported parts.

    Furthermore, these wholesale ecommerce enables you to offer high-quality products, and you can also improve the profit margins this way.

    What is Wholesale

    Why Wholesalers Need eCommerce?

    Wholesalers use physical stores, which are not easy to reach. For example, if you have a little business in the United States and your supplier is a Chinese wholesaler, then how you can get the products from your supplier. In this situation, only the online platforms are going to help you out.

    B2B ecommerce allows you to get reliable suppliers, who can provide the products of high quality. You can also negotiate the price and can get all the required products.

    · eCommerce Offers A Variety Of Potential Business Partners

    Wholesale ecommerce is a great marketplace where you can get a chance to earn money. This platform enables you to sell the products at the international level.

    You can also do a partnership with other sellers too. In this business, you can buy the products from manufacturers or suppliers and then sell them to other companies or customers.

    In this business strategy, you can also do a partnership with other companies.

    · eCommerce Offer Diversify Your Product Line

    in ecommerce, you can buy and sell the products at the international level. Therefore, this business enables you to offer a wide range of goods to your customers.

    You can purchase different geographical regions and can sell them at your store. It will let you do add a variety in your catalog or product listing.

    · eCommerce Offers Cheapest Wholesalers And Manufacturers

    Wholesale ecommerce offers the goods at the lowest possible prices. And you can resell these products economical prices, which can attract the customers.

    When you purchase the products in huge quantity, it benefits you in various ways. First of all, it decreases the per-unit price of the product.

    Secondly, it can reduce the cost of packaging and shipping. In this way, you can get a huge profit margin by selling these products.

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    10 Benefits of Wholesale eCommerce

    The wholesale ecommerce offers many benefits, and a few of them are listed below.

    · Increase In Customers Because Of Higher Outreach

    B2B ecommerce allows the wholesalers to get an entry into the new markets and get a massive number of customers.

    You can also tap into all those markets which are difficult to reach and gives a limited number of customers.

    The ecommerce offers you a platform to display your products with their prices. Beside it, you can also give the detail of all the products in different languages.

    You can also sell various products on cultural preference and importance. Therefore, the company becomes globally available, and wholesalers can get a massive customer-base, which gives a broader audience.

    ·  The Brand Is Established Faster

    If you have an online platform to sell your products and want to build a successful ecommerce, you need to make your brand.

    There are many business tools available in ecommerce, and you can utilize one of them to establish your business faster.

    You can earn a massive amount be just selling the products online, but these days customers are very conscious, and they ask for brands.

    So, to raise your profit margin and to differentiate yourself from others, you need to build a brand.

    If you want to build your brandwholesale ecommerce is a great platform. Brands can give you a unique identity in front of your target audience and will differentiate you from others.

    ·  Multi-Channel Sales

    Multichannel blends the customers’ experiences and gives the consumers a choice to engage on the channel they prefer.

    It is quite flexible but expects the brands to behave in the boundaries of their channel.

    Multichannel marketing is just like a wheel with the spokes. A t the center of the wheel is your product, and at the outer rim of this wheel are your customers.

    And every channel gives a different, independent, and separate opportunity to purchase the product.

    There are multiple ways you can use to attract customers like websites, marketplaces, Facebook, and Pinterest. You can utilize all of these ways to attract customers.


    · Wholesalers Can Collect Data From Prospective Customers

    It is an essential tool that you can use to get more sales. An accurate and informative contact list is one of the most powerful marketing tools.

    After closing the deal, you need to keep the lines of communication open with every client.

    A good relationship with the customers is significant to keep the business on the way of success. If you really want to enhance the sales, you should try to get the comments and reviews from your customers about the product.

    And wholesale ecommerce offers a fantastic platform to communicate and get data from the customers.

    ·  Evaluate Possible Competitors

    There are more than thousands of people who shop online every day. Similarly, a large number of shoppers or sellers are available online to fulfill their requirements.

    Therefore, whenever you start an online store, you will have to keep in mind that you are going to compete with them.

    In online business, one should try to offer the products at the lowest possible price without compromising on the quality of goods.

    It enables the sellers to compete in the market. Everyone is selling the same product online.

    The difference can be either in their condition or price. In online business, the competition is high.

    Still, you can become a success story by selling excellent quality goods at a reasonable price.

    ·  Make B2B More Affordable By Eliminating Unnecessary Costs

    In wholesale ecommerce, you shift from a physical store to an online store. And online stores de no requires a significant investment.

    The only investment you might have to make will be on purchasing the online store, inventory management software, and training of your staff.

    By going online, you can make more money. According to a report, the wholesalers can earn almost 44% more than a physical store owner.

    When you are selling online, you get worried about so many expenses like rent of the store, maintenance charges, staff salaries, and electricity bills.

    While establishing an online store is a cost-effective alternative. In an online store, you do not need to spend much money.

    If you have an online store, you can optimize it to receive the wholesale orders at no cost. Your product catalogs are product listings, in which customers can browse through products easily.

    Furthermore, the customers can also give and read the product reviews, which help in the selection of products to the other customers.

    By going online, you can save money and time. In this way, you can make the best use of your time to attract traffic towards your store.

    In online stores, you provide the product listings instead of printed catalogs that save the money. Further, the purchase orders are an eco-friendly paperless way of doing business.

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    Make Money

    · Increases Opportunities For Promotion

    The statistic shows that customers spend about 5.4 hours a day on social media. So, you can use this platform to promote your brands and products.

    You can make attractive and appealing ads and pop up messages, to get the attention of the buyers.

    And if they get your product different and appealing, they will visit your website and may purchase something from you.

    Beside it, you can also offer discounts and sales to increase the traffic at your store. It is the best way to convert the lead into potential buyers.

    You can use the customers’’ review, robust rating systems, special offers, reporting, and analytics tools for the promotional activities.

    The promotion can enhance the effectiveness of your B2B marketing efforts.

    ·   Allows You To Have Direct Customer Contact

    The customers play an important role in the success of your business. They already know everything about your B2B Company even before approaching you.

    It is because of more than 89% of B2B buyers research on the internet, while 73% of buyers use Google to search you online.

    The internet offers a unique platform to communicate. These days customers can get access to the sellers; they can ask about the product feature.

    Furthermore, through the internet, customers and shoppers can communicate effectively.

    ·  Mobile Commerce Accessibility

    A study by Forrester claims that 61% of a company’s buyers make the purchase through mobile, and almost 71% use the laptops to buy the products online.

    It is a fact that mobile has penetrated every sphere of business.

    It can be a valuable decision to take your business and sales team on the mobile. Mobiles offer an easy to use the platform, where they can communicate with the sellers effectively.

    This adds an advantage to your sales reps, and you can display the entire product catalog on the screen.

    ·  Consistent 24-Hour Accessibility

    In online business, the sellers want to remain in touch with the customer, and for that purpose, they keep online 24/7.

    In this way, the customers can contact the buyers any time and can ask about the product or any other query.

    The wholesale ecommerce offers a cooperative and friendly platform to the customers; so they can contact the shoppers and can discuss their issues.

    Consistent 24-Hour Accessibility

    What Are The Best Wholesale Ecommerce Platforms?

    The following are the best Chinese wholesale websites; you can take benefit of any one of them to source your products from China.


    Alibaba is one of the best Chines wholesale websites and has a massive number of users. The website hosts more than thousands of all types of businesses.

    The site offers a wide variety of products, which are ready to ship. Beside it, you can also get multiple quotes that can help you to understand what exactly you need or required.

    The website is user friendly, and the platform supports the easy setup. The site gives you multiple payment methods, and you will not find any language issue, as you can communicate in various languages at this platform. The services charges are capped at $100.

    2. Amazon Business

    Amazon is a wholesale platform, specially designed for the B2B ecommerce, between the wholesalers and retailers.

    You can sign up free at the Amazon and get a chance to communicate with different sellers to understand what exactly what you need at the economical price.

    You can also have multiple user accounts at Amazon and use different payment methods. The full-service offers include Amazon fulfillment for the shipping and Prime for the exclusive products and fastest delivery.

    Amazon will charge you almost 39.99 US dollars per month for the retailer account. You will have to pay the transaction and fulfillment charges beside it.

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    How is Amazon Vendor Central

    3. Made in China

    It is a wholesale distribution platform, which was started in China. The website is quite famous, especially for electronics.

    Most of the products which you will get at this platform will be manufactured either in China or Taiwan.

    4. Global Sources

    Global sources is a Hong Kong-based company. It is considered as the oldest and fastest-growing ecommerce platform.

    The company has its headquarters in different geographical regions, including the United States, India, and the Philippines.

    The site offers a very fantastic business to the nosiness sales strategy, which brings the wholesalers and retailers face to face in a very cooperative and productive environment.

    5. DHGate

    DHgate is one of the best chine based wholesale websites. The company has its headquarters in Beijing.

    The offices DHGate are in different other countries, including the United States, United Arab Emirates, India, and the Philippines.

    The site has almost 1.2 million Chinese suppliers and buyers from more than 200 countries. DHgate facilitates the wholesalers as well as small and medium-sized manufacturers.

    6. WooCommerce

    WooCommerce is an open ecommerce platform. It was designed for the large size merchants who use WordPress.

    The site was launched in 2011, and it becomes one of the best wholesale platforms within no time.

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    WooCommerce7. X Cart

    It is another excellent wholesale platform, which offers a marketplace to various vendors to sell their goods.

    The website claims to be more than 66% cost-effective as compare to other available options. The site provides excellent usability to customers.

    You can connect ERP, CRM, and POS without writing the codes. X Cart also offers omnichannel content management and multiple language support.

    8.  eWorld Trade

    The headquarters eWorld is in Dallas, Texas, but it is operated from Karachi, Pakistan. The company was developed as a part of the CPEC (China Pakistan economic corridor).

    The company aims to facilitate the business between China and Pakistan. The company is the largest growing ecommerce platform in the world.

    9.  Tradekey

    The company targets the Asian countries such as China, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Taiwan, and Malaysia. The site is one of the best wholesale platforms in the Asian region.

    You can either get the quotation to find the best products for your store, and you can also search what the sites offer you.

    10.  Shopify Plus

    It is the best wholesale platform, which has been designed for highly growing merchandise and brands. Shopify wholesale offers a set of features ad has taken a significant share from the market.

    Shopify Plus

    How To Choose Your wholesale ecommerce Platform?

    While choosing the wholesale ecommerce platform, consider the following:

    · What budget can you afford to use the platform?

    Whenever you are selecting the website for your ecommerce business, keep in mind your activities.

    These sites charge you a fee, which you need to pay either annually or monthly. Choose the one who is following your budget.

    · How many languages does the platform support?

    While you are importing from China, language can be an issue. You need to consider the number of languages, the website offers.

    As in ecommerce, you can have international buyers. Therefore to entertain them in a better way, you must be capable of communicating them in a better way.

    Choose those websites, which can give you more than one language. So you can contact with all of your customers.

    large community

    · It should completely meet your business needs

    The site must be capable of providing all of your requirements. So, it can support your business in a better way and make your business a success story.

    · It should have multiple interaction features

    In the present day, it is vital to communicate with your customers in a better way and tell them about your product. Therefore, the site must be able to offer multiple interaction features.

    · What payment methods are offered?

    In online business, the money transfer can be a critical factor. While choosing the website, keep in mind the payment methods they are offering you.

    Always try to select a reliable, trustworthy, and legitimate way of money transfer.

    · Fulfillment and logistics

    Fulfillment logistics is a fulfillment method of the supply chain, which involves transporting the customer orders and shipments, store the inventory, packaging, and delivering the orders to the customers.

    So, choose a website which can assure you of a constant supply of products. Only in this way you can provide all the products to your customers on time.

    Good Logistics

    5 Tips help Your Wholesale Ecommerce Business Successful

    You should follow the under given tips to make your wholesale ecommerce successful.

    · Gain Strategic Sales Focus

    Strategic sales consist of a detailed program a company creates to target the potential customers and to sell the products effectively.

    It is an essential aspect of the business, as the sales trend used to change most frequently. To reach the target audience, you need to stay up to date with the quickest trend, and strategic sales help to do so.

    Different businesses implement different plans for strategic sales, but all the sales leaders can benefit from developing vital skills.

    Sales strategies helps to provide clear guidance and objectives to your sales organizations. And they typically include essential information such as growth goals, buyer persons, sakes processes, team structure, and competitive analysis.

    · Extend Your Reach To New Retail Customers

    To make your business a success story, try to extend your reach to new retail customers. The customer reach is the total number of customers your business can reach through any marketing channel or campaign.

    When you use TV commercials for advertising your product, your marketing reach is the number of people who will see the advert. For the optimum growth of your customer base, you should keep increasing your customer reach.

    The following are the seven ways to increase the results of your marketing efforts, which can increase brand awareness and profit margin.

    1. Try to increase your network and partnership
    2. Offer a newsletter
    3. Use social media for advertising your products
    4. Use master referral marketing
    5. Try to target the multiple audiences either through blogging or paid advertisements
    6. Incorporate the visual marketing into your marketing strategy
    7. You can also give free trials

    ·  Support And Expand Existing B2B Relationships

    You can support and expand existing B2B relationships, as they matter the most. A good relationship is key to the success of your business.

    Try to develop and grow the relationship with other companies to get mutual benefits.

    You need to develop the right kind of business to business relationships. The following are tips to expand B2B relationships. You can follow any one of them:

    1. Give all the departments the options to join your company’s support team
    2. Prioritize values above price
    3. Create the customer advisory board
    4. Grow the most successful customer segments
    5. Treat subscription-like direct relationships
    6. Bring humanity to your presence



    ·  Drive Adoption Of Your Platform

    The product adaptation describes the awareness of the users about the product, understanding its value.

    The process is broken down into four different stages: awareness, interest, evaluation, and conversion.

    You need to create awareness among the customers about your product. For this purpose, you can use different platforms like Facebook, TV, and other social media.

    All these platforms offer an excellent opportunity to introduce your product to consumers.

    ·  Improve Customer Experience & Satisfaction

    Customers are significant for your business and try to make them happy. Satisfied customers can be beneficial for your business.

    If the customer is fully satisfied and happy with the product, he will refer your products to others too.

    The following are the multiple best ways to improve customer experience and satisfaction.

    1. Develop the customer services communities
    2. Treat customers like you would want to be treated
    3. Provide the multinational support
    4. Turn the customer survey data into action
    5. Figure out the customer wants
    6. Stay current on customer reviews
    7. Offer the proactive customers services
    8. Demonstrate the product knowledge
    9. Provide additional benefits
    10. Ask for more satisfaction

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In wholesale ecommerce, you may encounter confusion or have a query. So, some of these questions with the best answers have been given below.

    ·  What are the best wholesale websites?

    Chine has been ranked the second-largest economy in the world. The Chinese nation is offering a vast range of goods and services from different categories.

    There are many Chines wholesale websites, which are not only becoming better with time but also comes with innovations.

    The Chinese wholesale market has the spark and potential to continue growth and development.

    These marketplaces have a large number of both small and large businesses, and still, their number is increasing every day.

    A large number of Chinese wholesale websites are available. Here top 10 cheap and best wholesale sites are given below.

    1. Alibaba
    2. Chinabrands
    3. AliExpress
    4. DHgate
    5. Made in China
    6. Bangood
    7. Yaaku
    8. Global sources
    9. X Cart
    10. eWorld Trade

    ·  How do I start a wholesale website?

    If you want to create a retail site, you need to have precise data about the quality and quantity of the product.

    You will sell the products to retailers or distributes, who will resell the products to the consumers.

    For the wholesale website, you will need a regular ecommerce site with all of your products with the wholesale pricing data.

    You can build a wholesale website by using WooCommerce, which will let you integrate with many small plugins that can help you to create a great site. And you can sell your products and reach potential customers through this website.

    There are multiple things to look up for when you are planning to build a wholesale website. And some of them are given below.

    • Do you want to display the products like a catalog?
    • Do you need to hide the prices of your goods?
    • Do you want to limit the selling p to specific minimum orders quantity?
    • How will you go through the pricing strategy?

    After getting the answers to all of these quests, you can create the website, and then follow the following steps.

    1. Create the WordPress WooCommerce website and set the themes
    2. Set the products and payments
    3. Launch the wholesale categories and pricings
    4. Set a contact form and let the retailers contact you
    5. Adopt a role-based pricing strategy
    6. Restrict the buyers with minimum order quantity
    7. Your store s all set to go

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    How To Find Suppliers For Your WordPress Dropshipping Business

    ·  Which wholesale business is best?

    The following are the best wholesale businesses:

    1. Tablets, desktops, and phone accessories
    2. Wristwatches
    3. Clothing items
    4. Outdoor accessories
    5. Plastic products
    6. Agriculture equipment
    7. Jewelry
    8. Food
    9. Stationary
    10. Toys

    ·  Can you buy wholesale on Amazon?

    Yes, you can buy the products wholesale from China. You need to find the required products at the Amazon and then contact the supplier. You can negotiate the pricing and other issues with sellers and can order your products.

    ·  Is Shopify good for wholesale?

    You can use the Shopify to sell your products to other businesses. Shopify offers the sellers thousands of ways to sell their products wholesale.

    ·  How to make money selling wholesale products?

    First, you need to select the products which you want to sell. And then create a store or website by using different marketplaces li Alibaba or Amazon.

    After creating the store, you need to set the theme and fill the store with all the products which you are going to sell just like a physical store.

    You are ready to sell the products and to make money. You can also use social media for advertising your store. It will let you create a lead for your store, and maybe you get a potential buyer in this way.

    How Leeline Sourcing Help You Find Best Ecommerce Wholesalers And Manufacturers

    The company tries to help sellers from all over the world by providing a list of reliable wholesalers and manufacturers.

    Leeline sourcing also assures the constant supply of authentic goods and, for that purpose, visits the company. You can also audit the factory to make a structure for the excellent quality of products.

    How Leeline Sourcing Help You Find Best Ecommerce Wholesalers And Manufacturers

    Final Thoughts on Wholesale Ecommerce

    E-commerce has changed the way of trade, and it is becoming better with time.

    Wholesale ecommerce; bring the manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and distributors from different countries on the same platform. So, get the required products, popular ecommerce platforms.


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