The Countdown Begins: One week to go Until Africa’s Premier Energy Event Kicks Off

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With just one more week to go until African Energy Week 2021 kicks off, Africa’s energy stakeholders are getting ready for the biggest energy event of the year

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, November 2, 2021/ — African Energy Week (AEW) 2021 represents the continent’s premier energy event organized by the African Energy Chamber (AEC) (, in partnership with South Africa’s Department of Mineral Resources and Energy. With only one week to go, the Africa-focused, Cape Town-based event will see the continent’s leaders, energy sector key players and stakeholders from across the globe engage in transformative discussions on the future of Africa’s energy sector. By shedding light on the challenges faced by the industry, AEW 2021 will offer data-based solutions and strategies to recovery, and introducing investors to African opportunities, and setting the pace for accelerated development for years to come.

With the event’s commitment to Africa in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, and its dedication to African venues and businesses, AEW 2021 has outshone competitors, becoming the conference of choice for African energy ministers, global oil majors, and private sector executives. Support for the event has been overwhelming, particularly from energy and petroleum Ministers continent wide. To date, AEW 2021 has written Ministerial confirmations from South Africa, Nigeria, Mozambique, Niger, Namibia, Angola, Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda, Equatorial Guinea, Senegal, Kenya, Ghana, the Congo Libya, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These petroleum Ministers have placed AEW 2021 at the forefront of their energy sector agenda, recognizing the role the event will play in enhancing dialogue, motivating partnerships, and driving associated industry growth.

Meanwhile, AEW 2021 recognizes African oil and gas companies as enablers of the continent’s energy growth. As local capacity increases, industry know-how and skills advance, and indigenous companies position themselves as key industry players across the continent, AEW 2021 is committed to promoting national oil companies (NOCs) and domestic services companies. Accordingly, the event has seen waves of support by Africa’s NOCs, with confirmations made by the Ghana National Petroleum Commission; Sonangol; Uganda National Oil Company; Ghana’s Petroleum Commission; the National Petroleum Commission of Congo; the National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia; Petrosen; Sudapet; Cos-Petrogaz; and Nigeria LNG. These NOCs will lead the discussion on Africa’s energy future in Cape Town, with stakeholder engagements and conference sessions emphasizing how Africa’s indigenous companies should seize opportunities and drive the continent into a new era of success.

Unlike other pan-African energy events, AEW 2021 has the support and commitment from the continent’s leading industry organizations. These include the Gas Exporting Countries Forum; Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries; African Petroleum Producers Organization; African Refiners and Distributors Association; the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators – African Chapter; the African Development Bank; and the International Energy Agency. Event discussions will also see how African oil and gas sectors can maximize opportunities, monetize resources, and position the continent has a major producer and exporter of hydrocarbons. With OPEC Secretary General, H.E. Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo as a keynote speaker, insight and recommendation from the World Oil Outlook will provide African oil companies with an in-depth understanding of the impacts COVID-19 has had to the sector, projecting the future short-term and long-term goals for Africa’s energy industry.

AEW 2021 is a much-needed event and platform that will aid the African energy sector with knowledge sharing and insights from global and regional experts, mapping out a focused approach to Africa’s energy transition. The conference will also explore and unlock emerging opportunities for collaboration and integration in Africa, emphasizing the role that regional cooperation will play in aiding Africa’s energy and economic growth. Furthermore, challenges posed by sanctions and regulations will be discussed by regulatory experts during the event, which will help the oil and gas sector to meet international regulation requirements, accelerating investment across the entire energy sector value chain and driving development.

As we observe a huge demand for commodities such as gas, AEW 2021 will help the continent ascertain investment gaps and identify opportunities that will see a high finance drive into Africa’s energy sector. Moreover, it will provide stakeholders and key players with a direction to thinking creatively about deal structures, collaborations and partnerships that will help drive a progressive approach to a sustainable and stable monetary administration of Africa’s energy transition.

With only one week to go until Africa’s biggest energy event, event confirmations have not slowed down, but rather, the event has seen an influx in interest from key players across the globe. While other Africa-focused energy events may have chosen to abandon the continent, AEW 2021 remains committed to Africa, paving the way to make energy poverty history by 2030 in Africa.

AEW 2021, in partnership with South Africa’s Department of Mineral Resources and Energy DMRE, is the AEC’s annual conference, exhibition and networking event. AEW 2021 unites African energy stakeholders with investors and international partners to drive industry growth and development and promote Africa as the destination for energy investments.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of African Energy Chamber.
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