Miguna Miguna Refuses to Answer Question on TV, Asks Presenter to Read His Book First

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Trouble started when Eugene told Miguna Miguna that his book depicted handshake partner Raila Odinga as a charlatan and someone who should not be trusted. Miguna Miguna, or General as he is fondly known, noticed that Eugene was asking the questions from a point of misinformation, a loophole that he leveraged on.

“Have you read it? I need to know whether you’ve read the book, because I’m not going to discuss something that you’ve not read,” he maintained. PAY ATTENTION: Don’t miss trending Kenyan news. Follow on Twitter! Defending himself, Eugene noted that his questions were anchored on what the General wrote in the tell-all memoir. When it became evident that Miguna Miguna was not backing down, he admitted that he had not read the whole book. “Don’t ask a question about a book you’ve not read. You’ve started off on a false premise,” Miguna Miguna continued. He, therefore, asked Eugene to go read the memoir first then the two will have a knowledgeable discussion According to him, the presenter intended to question him using sentiments other people had given him. “My suggestion to you as a journalist is this; read the book then ask me questions,” he maintained. READ ALSO Lady Gets Many Reactions after Sharing Her Plan to Quit 9-5 Job to Become an Entrepreneur Public concurs with Miguna Miguna @kiriki_tituz: “I concur with the MM if you are too lazy to read the book, you don’t have any right to ask a question about the same book.” @Saitu1987: “Miguna was so right here, get the context first, then ask questions about the book that you’ve read.” @kerylkicky: “This guy is so straightforward. Read the book then ask questions. At least now we know that our journalists just follow what they have been told to do.” @KyaloMusyoka: “General Miguna Miguna is a no-nonsense tough cookie, doesn’t take prisoners and operates within his own rules.” Ken Mijungu interview with Miguna Miguna In an earlier interview, TV anchor Ken Mijungu had a hard time with the Canada-based lawyer who went wild and even made several accusations against him. The journalist, however, maintained his cool throughout the show, something that made many Kenyans online opine that Mijungu needed a hardship allowance for what he went through.

Miguna Miguna Refuses to Answer Question on TV, Asks Presenter to Read His Book First ▷ Kenya News |

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