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Speaker advises on presentation of sensitive matters


The Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah has guided legislators to be cautious as they present concerns that may concern their colleagues who are under arrest.

Oulanyah’s guidance Mityana Municipality MP,  Hon Francis Zaake’s concern on the medical condition of Hon. Muhammad Ssegirinya who is facing several charges.

The Speaker revealed that he had contacted the authorities holding the MP about his condition.

“We talked over the situation in which the MP was being treated and agreed that whatever was going wrong should be rectified,” he added.

The Speaker also informed the MPs that there are standard procedures for a person who is incarcerated and hospitalized to be restrained to their sick bed and put under police protection.

Oulanyah also added that the Deputy Speaker will visit the  MP  in hospital to assess his condition.

Oulanyah re-echoed his position on concerns that are  sensitive urging legislators not to raise them in Parliament.
“It is better that you bring matters like this to me so that I can handle them at an administrative level and avoid unnecessary escalation of the tension,” he said.

He said that when big statements are made on the floor of Parliament in a bid to show excessive concern over others, it sometimes jeopardizes the other channels that are used to resolve the issues. ”We are going to start debating the motives of some of you who bring matters of such nature to the floor of Parliament,” he added.




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