IGG states new approach to fighting corruption

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The Inspector General of Government (IGG), Bet Kamya says she has a new approach that will see the country register a reduction in corrupt tendencies.
Kamya who was recently appointed to the office told the Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah that she will ensure more effort is on preventing the corruption vice rather than carrying out post mortems.

The new IGG made these commitments while meeting Oulanyah on Monday, 18 October 2020.

Kamya said the new leadership of the IGG seeks a closer working relationship with Parliament, which she said will go a long way in fighting corruption.

“We are here to introduce to you a new strategy to fight corruption which is focusing on the prevention rather than cure strategy. We want this to be a citizen’s war and incite Ugandans to hate corruption. We want children to be able to ask their parents where they get their resources from,” Kamya said.

The IGG also requested for one on one meetings with the Parliamentary Commission and Parliamentary Committees in a bid to streamline modes of curbing corruption in institutions.

Kamya said there is need for Parliament to form a committee specifically for looking into reports from the office of the IGG on corruption.

Oulanyah said that the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee will be tasked with handling the reports on corruption in a timely manner.

The Speaker alluded to the Parliament Rules of Procedure of 2001 that provided clarity on mandates and what needed to be done by specific committees of Parliament
“The Inspectorate of Government is supposed to report to Parliament bi-annually. Parliament is also supposed to consider its report, have discussions on recommendations made by the IGG and give guidance by resolution on what needs to be done,” Oulanyah said.

The speaker added that that the country had a corrupt society and emphasised the need for the IGG to utilise the law to weed out the vice in the different institutions for effective service delivery and accountability.
“Stop looking at statistics and deal with the real issue which is giving Ugandans hope by doing things that help them to recover from what they have faced due to corruption. The IGG is the engine for moral rebranding of our country and you have my full support,” Oulanyah added.

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