SHOCK As ‘Female Prisoner’ Is Discovered To Be Actually Male

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There was chaos and drama at Shurugwi Female Prison last week after a supposedly female prisoner was discovered to be a male.

According to the Masvingo Mirror, at the time of his arrest 22-year-old Praise Mpofu was dressed as a woman. Mpofu is alleged to have been in the business of pretending to be a female lady of the night in order to lure male clients. He would then steal from them.

Mpofu was arrested after he allegedly stole from a man from Gweru’s Mkoba 6 suburb. The man had hired Mpofu’s services, while under the impression that he was dealing with a woman. When they got to his home where they were supposed to spend the night, Mpofu stole from the man and ran away.

However, his luck ran out when he was arrested a few days later when he was spotted in Mkoba 6. At the time of his arrest, he was dressed as a woman, in a skirt and a blouse. He also spotted a female hairstyle and was wearing a stuffed bra to give off the impression that he had an ample bosom.

When Mpofu appeared at the Gweru Magistrate’s Court facing charges of theft, he did not reveal that he was actually male and continued with the ruse. As a result, the magistrate ordered that he should be remanded at the Shurugwi Female Prison.

However, due to logistical issues, Mpofu could not be transported to the female prison. Instead, he was temporarily detained at the Gweru Young Offenders Prison where he was housed with juvenile female offenders for two days.

When the authorities finally found transport to take Mpofu to the Shurugwi Female Prison, prison officials there made a shocking discovery.

Midland Prisons spokesperson Nevson Tagarira confirmed the case to the Masvingo Mirror saying

“Yes, there was an inmate who came from ZRP through the magistrate’s court pretending to be a female. It was only identified at Shurugwi Female Prisons through our normal channels on admission that he was actually a male inmate, not a female as he was pretending to be. Mpofu was taken from Shurugwi female prison to Hwahwa Maximum Prison on the same day.”

A female nurse who is responsible for searching all new prisoners got the shock of her life when she discovered that the new prisoner was actually male. Another source told the publication,

“Mpofu spend two days at Gweru Young Offenders prison where he did not divulge that he was a male and he was treated as a female. The matter came to light when he was to be detained at Shurugwi Female Prison that he was not a female. One could not figure out that Mpofu is a male he had a nice hairstyle, breasts and he was wearing a skirt just like a lady. Mpofu was arrested after he stole from a man who had hired him as a prostitute, Mpofu stole money and fled before he fulfilled the duties he was hired for.”

Mpofu’s case is still pending at the courts.

Source:SHOCK As ‘Female Prisoner’ Is Discovered To Be Actually Male – ZimGazette

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