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Residents of a California neighborhood report that someone is placing women’s underwear on peoples’ cars


People in a neighborhood in Sacramento, California, reported that someone is leaving women’s underwear on womens’ cars.

One woman spoke publicly about her experience finding underwear under her windshield wiper multiple times.

Sacramento police have increased patrols in the area, but they do not have a suspect yet, according to the Sacramento Bee .

Residents of a Sacramento, California, neighborhood have reported multiple incidents of finding women’s underwear placed under the windshields of residents’ parked cars.

Multiple women in the neighborhood of North Oak Park say they’ve found ladies’ underwear on their vehicles, prompting Sacramento police to increase patrols in the area, the Sacramento Bee reported .

One woman, Caity Maple, went public with her experience of finding underwear on her car on at least four separate occasions. In one instance, she tried to park her car in a different location and still found underwear on it later.

“I thought it was probably just someone messing around, so didn’t think much of it,” Maple said on Facebook. “Three days later there was another pair in the same spot. That struck me as odd because either someone traveled back to my area and put them in the same exact spot, or they live nearby. Now five days later after purposely parking my car in a different location, another pair.”

Maple told KOVR after she posted about her experience online, other women came forward with similar stories.


“That really creeped me out. Then, to hear that several other women in the community are experiencing the same thing, or have, was very creepy and very concerning because who has the time to do this and why are they doing it?” Maple said.


In a later post on Facebook , Maple urged others to “please take it seriously if it happens to you.”

“These events have put me on edge and kept me up at night. I’ve had to change my routines and increase security. I always wonder if he’s watching, but I am determined to not let it scare me,” Maple said.


While they have increased their presence in the neighborhood, the Sacramento Police Department has not identified a suspect or a motive, according to the Bee.


“This investigation remains active. Anybody who observes any suspicious activity or has information regarding these incidents please contact the Sacramento Police Department at 916-808-5471,” department spokesperson Karl Chan told Insider.



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