Young people are   current assets, not future prospects – President Kenyatta

Young people are current assets, not future prospects – President Kenyatta

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NAIROBI President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged the international community to begin to see and engage young people as valuable assets at this time and   nor is it a promise of the future.

The president said that if they are well cared for and given the right opportunities, young people have unlimited potential to make a big difference.

He said his decision to appoint young people to senior positions in government was a step aimed at giving young people the opportunity to advise and prepare them for the most important positions in government.

“And this is why here in Kenya I have appointed young people to key positions    “Participatory Secretary”, which is the next post of Minister.

“His aim is to give them a chance to advise them in a positive way and prepare them to take up the highest positions,” the President said.

The National Leader made the remarks on Tuesday evening at the White House in Nairobi during a United Nations Generation Unlimited Youth Summit.

President Kenyatta spoke about the role of youth in bringing about change in the forum which was also addressed by a number of world leaders including President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, President of the Bank.   World David Malpass and Director of the International Monetary Fund Kristalina Georgieva.

The President told the conference, which was also attended by Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Innovation and Youth Joe Mucheru, that social institutions,   the environment especially the education system and lack of self-confidence are some of the barriers that prevent young people from achieving their potential for change.

He said the African education system was designed to support agricultural production systems and not the innovation needed in the 21st century.

To address environmental barriers preventing Kenyan youth from succeeding in digital matters, the President said his government was launching   An Education Curriculum that emphasizes Student Knowledge Skills as well as a popular digital school program    and Digi School.

“Through the Digital School Initiative we have provided more than one million computers to primary school students,” said the President.

On the issue of self-motivation among young people, the National Leader advised young people to have the right mindset to develop themselves.

“We maintain the position that young people must have the right attitude; they must realize the importance of discipline, diligence and good morals. They must believe in amassing wealth and not expecting to be rich through shortcuts,” the President advised.

President Kenyatta who is also a youth advocate for the United Nations advised young people to avoid their fears and engage in useful activities in their communities.

“Do what you fear, as long as it works for you. If your social and environmental institutions set boundaries, use them wisely,” said the President.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guteress encouraged nations to use digital communication to create opportunities for young people.

The UN Secretary-General expressed his concern over the growing digital diversity in the world    this time of the Covid-19 catastrophe calling it, “a catastrophe within another catastrophe.”

Mr Guteress challenged young people to come forward and lead a movement for equality in the world’s resources, including the internet.

For his part, Rwandan President Paul Kagame who is the co-chair of Generation Unlimited leaders called on all stakeholders to come up with new ideas for youth investment.

Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown urged G7 and G20 groups to set aside $ 10 billion for digital technology expansion   Mr David Malpass said the World Bank was working with stakeholders to address digital needs among nations.

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