Who is the victor: Former Israeli military Chief of Staff claims victory in polls

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TEL VIV, Israel

Israeli former military Chief of Staff Benny Gantz has claimed victory in the just concluded elections in Israel  making it a stabling block to the current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who seeks a fifth term in office.

Benny Gantz a key opposition figure in the Knesset is the head of the Blue and White party that was born when his party Israel Resilience allied with former finance Minister Yair Lapid. He served in the army from 1977 before joining politics officially in 2018.

His closest rival and current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu joined politics in 1988. In 1996, he was elected as the country’s youngest Prime Minister in Israeli books of history, and if declared winner of the 2019, he will once again join history books as the longest servicing PM of his country.

Currently, local media in Israel is still under the paradox of who is the victor in the 2019 elections with different media houses publishing conflicting results.

Two local TV stations had on Tuesday declared great victory for Netanyahu before changing their reports and said that he had won with a narrow victory, However, the opposition leader refuted their claims saying that he emerged victorious.

According to polls, Netanyahu’s Likud party will most likely gunner more support making him in control of over 65% of the parliamentary seats.

Before casting his vote, Opposition candidate Benny Gantz called upon voters to wake up for a new dawn and make new history for their country.

He believed that the nation of Israel needs a new face to get rid of Netanyahu’s regime characterised with corruption, racism, and insecurity with border stations of Palestine, Gaza strip and so many more.

Official results will be voted announced later on Wednesday.