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White House official: Netanyahu is damaging US-Israel relations

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Former PM’s criticisms of current administration make Democratic Party less sympathetic to Israel, official says.

A Biden Victory in the U.S. Election Could Both Harm and Help Israel's  Netanyahu
Netanyahu with Pres. Biden

Statements made recently by former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are being felt as insults by the current American administration and the Democratic Party, a senior official close to the White House told Israel Hayom.

Netanyahu expressed his views regarding the policies of the Biden administration vis-a-vis Iran in an article that was published in Israel Hayom last Wednesday, and he has made several speeches expressing similar sentiments in the Knesset recently.

According to the official, “President Biden is taking a clear stance that expresses America’s sense of obligation to Israel and to Israel’s security, and is also promoting this stance within the Democratic Party. His approach bolsters the bipartisan support that Israel needs.

“However, Netanyahu’s words create the impression that the current administration doesn’t care about Israel, which weakens the Democratic Party’s sense of obligation toward Israel.”

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