Venezuela expels German ambassador, deports American Journalist

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CARACAS, Venezuela

Venezuela’s officials have expelled Germany’s ambassador for what they termed as “interference in internal affairs,” and also detained and later deported an American Journalist.

According to local media, Venezuela’s foreign ministry gave German envoy Daniel Kriener 48 hours because he was among a dozen foreign representatives who greeted and welcomed opposition leader Juan Guaido on his return to the country on Monday in Caracas.

Kriener is also among the leaders showing support for Guaido and has recognized him as interim president.

Speaking to law makers, Opposition leader praised the works of the Germany envoy and stressed that Kriener had helped try to bring humanitarian aid to the country but it seems that the Maduro’s regime does not forgive anyone who wants to help Venezuela.

Responding to Kriener’s expulsion, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that kicking Kriener out only “aggravates the situation.”

Meanwhile, authorities in Venezuela detained American Journalist Cody Weddle for some 12 hours and later deported, in an incident condemned by advocacy groups as an attack on free speech.

In a statement, Venezuela’s National Union of Press Workers said Weddle was picked up at 8:00 am, his work equipment was confiscated, and he was held for over 12 hours before finally being released and sent to Simon Bolivar International Airport to be deported.