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White Lady slapped For raising racism comments towards a native american

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A white woman was slapped by a Native American woman who was apparently fed up with being told to ‘go back to Mexico.’

The incident was caught on camera at a Shell convenience store in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday and was later posted to Facebook by customer Greg Conn, who was in the store at the time. Just before Conn started filming, he said the middle-aged white woman burst into the store angrily because her gas pump was not working. Conn said the woman then got into an argument with the younger woman, who was being helped at the country, telling her to ‘go back to her country,’ which is when he started filming.

The white woman then tells Conn to leave because ‘you’re not part of this.’ She then returns to the counter and asked the Native American woman, where are you from? Where were you born?’

‘Where are you from, bitch? I was born in America. Where are your ancestors from?They’re not from this country,’ the younger woman responded. ‘You better go back to Mexico,’ the white woman says before getting into the other woman’s face and trying to shove her – which earned her a swift slap across the face. Conn can then be heard saying, ‘You deserved it, in my opinion. Self-defense on her part.

The white woman, who initially claimed she was the manager of the store, does not work there and is no longer welcome at any of the national chain’s locations, according to TMZ. Neither she nor the younger woman have been identified. It is unclear of authorities are investigating the incident.

This comes at at time when Black lives matter protests are continuing to spread all over the world demanding for equal treatment of all people regardless of their races. This was sparked off by the horrific killing of a black man, George Floyd on May 25 2020 by the police officers Derek-Chauvin.

The American Civil Liberties Union said Floyd’s relatives joined some 600 rights groups to demand the top UN human rights body “urgently” convene a special session to look into a rise of police violence and repression of protests in the US.

A spokesman for the Human Rights Council in Geneva confirmed the council office received a letter on Monday from the groups outlining their call for an independent investigation into the recent killings of unarmed Black people in the US as well as one into “violent law enforcement responses to protests”.

The call included relatives of Floyd and family members of three other Black people who were killed by the police – Breonna Taylor, Michael Brown and Philando Castile.

A vigil was held at Floyd’s high school in Houston, Texas, where his brothers spoke to the crowd and condemned police brutality.

“This is bigger than George right now. We’ve got to stop everybody from being afraid of the police,” said Philonise Floyd.

Floyd attended the Yates High School in 1993, where brother Rodney Floyd said he was known as a “football star”.

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