US Senate passes anti-lynching law

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WASHINGTON D, C, United States of America

The US Senate has finally passed a legislation that makes a federal crime of lynching, the racism-driven extrajudicial killings that came to symbolize America’s stained past.

Three African American senators two Democrats and one Republican  introduced the bill earlier this year.

Senator Cory Booker said that it passed by a unanimous voice vote in “a very meaningful moment for this body.

“We have an opportunity to recognize the wrongs of our history, to honor the memories of those brutally killed, and to leave a legacy that future generations can look back on knowing that after 200 attempts, and a century of trying, that on this day in American history, this body did the right thing.” He said.

The Justice for Victims of Lynching Act describes the crime as “the ultimate expression of racism” following the Civil War, and notes that at least 4,742 people, mostly blacks, were lynched in the country between 1882 and 1968.