UPDATE: Wounded Somali Veteran Journalist stable

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Somali Media Association has said that wounded veteran Journalist and media activist Ismail Shiekh Khalifa is in stable condition after he survived a bomb blast that was concealed in his car on Tuesday afternoon in the capital Mogadishu.

Khalifa is also the current Chairman of the Human Rights for Journalist (HRJ) in Somalia.

He has undergone a successful surgical process that his family, friends and fellow Journalists hailed as a miracle from God and were very happy about his recovery.

“It was great pleasure to see our colleague Ismail who was conscious and telling us that he is good despite painful injuries“said Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu General Secretary of National Union of Somali Journalist (NUSOJ)

He added: “Doctors confirmed to us that Ismail’s condition is improving and hoping that he will recover from the injuries sustained on the back and will be treated in hospital until he fully recovers”

Recalling the unfortunate incidence, fellow Journalist Aydaruus Mohamed Abdi who works with Media for Peace and was riding in the same after they had produced a TV program on local media Kalsan TV lamented:

“Ismail’s car was parked outside the TV station and as usual Ismail started to drive the car after we got into the car but in few minutes we were hit by a heavy blast. An explosive device donated in the back of Ismail’s seat went off, all windows of the car opened. I was so terrified and can’t tell you how I jumped out from the car .I found out that Ismail is injured and bleeding heavily that is why I requested for help from nearby neighbors and TV staff “


Ranked as the world’s deadliest countries for both Journalist and its citizens, Somalia has between September 1, 2008 and August 31, 2018 slain over 25 Journalisms with their assassins going free.