UPC, NUP and EC continue to clash over color red

UPC, NUP and EC continue to clash over color red

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Kampala, Uganda — The Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) and National Unity Platform (NUP) are at loggerheads over use of the red color with the 2021 general elections just months away.

The UPC claims NUP has hijacked their color and insists that it’s the duty of the Electoral Commission to redeem it.

“People Power wasn’t a formerly registered platform. Now that they are formalizing, they just can’t use red because they found us using red.” UPC president Jimmy Akena said in an interview on a local television station.

NUP spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi who was on the same interview advised UPC to take their

Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu, the NUP President

matters to court if they felt aggrieved.

“Our colours are red, navy blue, and white. If anybody has concerns with us using the colours, let them go to court. We shall find you there,” Ssenyonyi said before wondering why EC didn’t raise the colour issues while they were rebranding the party.

“We are going to continue using those colours,” Ssenyonyi insisted.

Yesterday the independent Electoral Commission (EC) advised Bobi Wine new party National Unity Platform to stop using red colour because it’s the official colour of Uganda People’s Congress (UPC).

This was after UPC President Jimmy Akena filed a complaint about the continued use of red colour by Bobi Wine’s party.

Jimmy Akena, UPC President

However NUP is still unrelenting and has promised not to back down on the use of the color.

The Electoral Commission has given an explanation as to why Bobi Wine’s new political party, the National Unity Platform (NUP) must reserve red colour for Uganda People’s Congress (UPC).

Chairman Justice Simon Byabakama says the Electoral Commission only allowed change and gazette of name from National Unity Reconciliation and Development party (NURDP) to National Unity Platform (NUP) and not the red color.

Byabakama told reporters in Kampala on Tuesday that the name, NUP was successfully gazetted but not the colour.

Justice Simon Byabakama, the Head of the Uganda Electoral Commission

NUP, previously NURDP provides for three colours, that is red, white and navy blue but NUP chose red as a dominant color.

“NUP wrote to us last year with intention to change the name from National Unity Reconciliation and Development party to the current National Unity Platform,” he said.

“The Political Parties and Organizations Act section 11 says that any political party which wishes to change its Constitution, identifies symbol, colour or name shall notify the Electoral Commission about that intention and the Commission on its part after getting that notification shall cause that change, publish in the gazette, which we did. We put this notification in the gazette,” said Byabakama.

After the Electoral Commission accepted the change of name from NURDP to NUP, Byabakama said NUP again wrote to the Electoral Commission for change of colour from navy blue and white to dominant red.

The change of color, he said was not accepted by the Electoral Commission.

“We wrote to NUP and pointed out that the colour red you wanted was already utilised by the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) which has been on for so many years. We pointed out to them that their request was not entertained (to change the colour of their symbol). As we talk, we have not had any feedback or response from them regarding the advice we gave them. The law says, even if you are changing the symbol or colour, it must be gazetted by the Commission. We gazetted change of name, we have not gazetted change of color,” said Byabakama.

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