UN Committee Against Torture to review Benin, DRC, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, and the United Kingdom

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GENEVA, Switzerland

The UN Committee Against Torture will meet in Geneva from 23 April to 17 May, 2019 to review Benin, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

The above are among the 166 States parties to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, and so are required to undergo regular reviews on how they are implementing the Convention and the Committee’s previous recommendations.

The public sessions will be held on the first-floor conference room of Palais Wilson in Geneva on the following schedule:

Wednesday, 24 April 10:00-13:00 DRC
Thursday, 25 April 10:00-13:00 Mexico 15:00-18:00 DRC
Friday, 26 April 15:00-18:00 Mexico
Monday, 29 April 10:00-13:00 Germany
Tuesday, 30 April 10:00-13:00 South Africa 15:00-18:00 Germany
Wednesday, 1 May 15:00-18:00 South Africa
Thursday, 2 May 10:00-13:00 Benin
Friday, 3 May 15:00-18:00 Benin
Tuesday, 7 May 10:00-13:00 United Kingdom
Wednesday, 8 May 15:00-18:00 United Kingdom