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Uganda’s Prime Minister Nabanja launches Covid Relief Fund

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Gulu resident and a boda boda cyclist, Oloya Geofrey became the first vulnerable Ugandan to receive Nabbanja’s Ka Money.

Robina Nabanja  yesterday launched  the exercise of sending Covid relief fund to those Ugandans who were affected by the lockdown impact and also called the first people to receive this money to confirm whether they have got it.

Prime Minister Robina Nabanja (R) and Aggrey Kibenge,the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Gender,Labour and Social Development in action..Photo by Ronald Kabuubi/KMA Updates.

The project will see at least over 500000 households  receive this 100000 shillings from Government as Covid relief.

At the same launch, the ministry of health says the announcing of the 42 days lockdown by government to curb the increasing cases of Covid 19 is now beginning to show impact.

Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng minister of health said the numbers of confirmed cases have began to drop down including numbers of those admitted and there is now space in health facilities for those admitted.

Aceng added that even the numbers of deaths have come down praising Ugandans for following the S.O.Ps and also calling on them to do more.

Prime Minister Robina Nabanja (R) and Aggrey Kibenge,the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Gender,Labour and Social Development in at the launch.Photo by Ronald Kabuubi/KMA Updates

Aceng also said there is stability in request and consumption of oxygen because of reduction in number of cases.

Ugandans have been urged to use well the Covid 19 relief fund which is going to be sent to their phones starting today for its intended purpose.

Nabanja said government is trying to save lives of its citizens so the money being given to those Ugandans who were affected by the lockdown measures should be used to buy food.

I appeal to Ugandans that let this fund be used to serve it’s intended purpose, it’s for food not anything else because we are trying to save lives.” Prime Minister said while sending money to the first receiver.

Nabanja also called on Ugandans to keep observing the S.O.Ps because Covid still exists and kills.

According to government data presented July 8, during the inauguration of the exercise at the Office of the Prime Minister in Kampala, 126, 552 individuals had so far been cleared nationwide to receive the relief package, with only six of these in Nakawa Division, Kampala.

The Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Gender, Mr Aggrey Kibenge, explained that Kampala payments are pending ‘‘because the data of vulnerable categories in the City was still in the process of being uploaded.’’

He, however, promised that their details would be uploaded in the payment system by the end of the day.

At least 11,618 beneficiaries have their credentials cleared in Lira, 2,806 in Mukono City while 2,044 are verified in Busia District, the data further reveals

‘‘We agreed that telecom companies will not deduct any money from this token. We also agreed that people with debts on mobile money (Momo debts) will be spared,’’ the Prime Minister said.

She stressed that government will significantly meet the charges of about Shs2, 450 as the money gets disbursed to citizens in a phased manner.

Minister of ICT and National Guidance, Mr Chris Baryomunsi noted that post bank ‘‘will be the medium to transfer the funds through MTN and Airtel telecom companies.’’

Meanwhile, Ms Nabbanja further cautioned receivers of the money- to strictly use it for essentialities.  

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