Uganda’s police in crackdown on members of notorious gang

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Kampala, Uganda

Uganda’s police have arrested five suspected thugs believed to be part of a gang that has been behind the murders of boda boda motorcyclists in Kampala Metropolitan area.

The suspects who have been identified by the police are Tamale Aloysius alias Sekyewa Patrick, alias young Mulo; Senyonga Umar, Mubale Bob alias Musoga Ben, Bandiho Majidu alias Kagame and Mugisha John Bosco alias Mukiga.

A statement issued by Kampala Metropolitan Police claims that, Tamale Aloysius the alleged gang leader would plant his accomplices, at well surveilled locations, where they jointly attacked and killed the victims.

In Makindye division, they have been linked to 6 murders of boda boda riders. These include;

On the 21st. January, 2019, they allegedly murdered, Nsubuga Abdallah, a boda boda rider at Kizungu zone and robbed his motorcycle.

On 13th, March, 2019, they allegedly murdered, Galete Emmanuel, a boda boda rider at St Agnes, Salama road and robbed his motorcycle.

On the 24th, April, 2019, while at Country Club, Makindye, they allegedly murdered, Damiano Sekalaba and robbed his motorcycle Reg No.  UEW 256G.

On the 29th, May, 2019, at Kanisa Zone Makindye, they allegedly participated in the murder of a boda boda rider [un identified yet ] and robbed his motorcycle.

On the 2nd, June, 2019, while at Makindye, they allegedly murdered Tom Malaba and robbed him of his motorcycle.

And on the 3rd, June, 2019, at Waswa Zone, Makindye they murdered Nkata Godfrey and robbed his motorcycle.

Police has reconstructed the scene and transferredthe suspects to Old Kampala Divisional Police Headquarters, where they are being linked, to an additional 5 cases of murder and related robberies including, the gruesome murder of Derrick Mulindwa, a boda boda rider, at Rubaga.

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