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Uganda’s Nina Rose turns to God

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Nina Roz, real name Nina Nankunda, is a Singer, Songwriter, Model who has made a name for herself on the local entertainment scene for her music. Her unique looks, style and fashion have also won her several fans.

Her music is mostly life coaching about different things in regard to how to live life. Many people respect her for always decently presenting her self even in her videos. Her language is very clean and not forgetting her morals. We can’t think that she is just going through something that has forced her to get born again. We just want to think she made the decision out of pure love

Uganda’s Nina Rose

Musicians Nina Roz and Maureen Nantume have decided to follow Jesus and become born again. These two have been part of the secular industry for such a long time. As for Maureen Nantume, we can’t really say it’s because of what she has been going through. She is one of the cleanest musicians without so many records of drama in the industry

We ‘re not going to say that the sun doesn’t make them uncomfortable, but what we’re trying to suggest is that they’re trying to do their best to make themselves happier or optimistic.

Known as the Ugandan Property with hit songs such as Oli MeketeAnayinamaOmuliroMunda DdalaNtinka Nkutinke among others, Nina Roz continues to prove a great deal in the music industry and her outstanding sense of style.

Meanwhile, Nina Roz has been having a lot on her table. Her relationship with Daddy Andre mysteriously ended. The grounds on which it broke up to now are not really clear. However Andre says she had gone back to drugs and he couldn’t handle it anymore. Nina on the other hand gave no reason why they broke up but rumor is their relationship was of convinience.

However, if the direction that they have taken is not for show then indeed it’s good for them. Grace Nakimera followed this direction and now she is steadily producing good gospel music. Even Desire Luzinda transformed drastically after confessing Christ. We pray for the best for them too.

Featured Photo:hoto by Pastor Victoria Sibiya

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