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Uganda’s  National Resistance Movement party Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba tests positive for COVID-19.

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Kampala, Uganda:

Uganda’s Ruling Party  NRM National treasurer Rose Namayanja has revealed that  Lumumba Kasule tested positive on Saturday, six days after she had been in self-isolation following the positive results of her handlers early this week.

NRM Secretary Gen. Lumumba Kasule. Photo by Ronald Kabuubi/KMAUpdates

“Our party Secretary-General has tested positive for COVID-19 Pandemic and but she is stable with no serious symptoms. The party business however will go on uninterrupted despite her physical absence from office,” Namayanja said.

NRM Treasurer Rose Namayanja (L) and the Party Secretary Gen. Lumumba Kasule.
Photo by Ronald Kabuubi/KMAUpdates

Namanyanja who was addressing the media at the party secretariat explained that Lumumba was negative a week earlier but when her handlers tested positive a week later, the medical practitioners directed her to stay in quarantine until the samples are picked.

Namayanja adds that Lumumba is asymptomatic and is currently in self-isolation while she gets medication and her condition is not worrying as she is able to work online.

She appealed to the general public to be cautious and observe the standard operating procedures especially during this time of campaigns by washing hands and continue wearing masks.

Every Sunday, the party addresses the media on the progress of its Presidential candidate and incumbent President Yoweri Museveni’s campaign trial on his bid to retain power.

She added, “I, therefore, appeal to politicians across the divide to carry out periodic tests on COVID-19 and open up if found positive to save there would be contacts from being victimized by their silence.”

Official records from the Ministry of Health indicate that Uganda has so far registered 22,188 positive cases with 206 deaths while 9,117 had recovered.

Namayanja also revealed that the party’s village-based strategy campaigns have since kicked off.

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