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Uganda’s former Principal Judge Herbert Ntabgoba dies

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Former Principal Judge Herbert Ntabgoba has died.
Justice Ntabgoba, 84, died last night shortly after midnight (12:05am) at International Hospital Kampala (IHK).

He also reportedly had brain surgery late last year and his life is said to have quickly deteriorated after that.
According to one of his daughters; Ms Justina Ntabgoba, the former administrative head of the High Court, had been unwell for some time and that he had been in and out of the hospital lately.

It has been established that Justice Ntabgoba had been admitted at International Hospital Kampala and had several medical operations.
It is reported that he had a brain surgery last year but his health didn’t improve .

The 81-year-old was born in present day Kisoro District on July 21, 1939 to Zakayo Bakunzi Rugiriki and Maria Bakunzi Nyirajana.

To study law, he went to the University of East Africa in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

After school, he started his career as a registrar general, then became an administrator general, a public trustee and an official receiver in the government of Uganda from 1973 to 1978.

He was later appointed director general of African Regional Industrial Property Organisation based in Zimbabwe.

From Harare, he was called back home to work as puisne judge in the High Court of Uganda.

He became a principal judge in the High Court 

According to the Judiciary, he has served the Government of Uganda in different capacities. Between 1973 and 1978, Ntabgoba served as Registrar General, Administrator General, Public Trustee, and Official Receiver of Government of Uganda.

He retired as Principal Judge in 2004 after clocking the retirement age of 65 and he was replaced by Justice James Ogoola in the same capacity.

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