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KAMPALA, Uganda.

As the 2021 general elections loom nearer, a section of members of the youth and the general public have expressed doubts with provisions in the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections Bills.

In a meeting with the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee, youths expressed discontent with clause 10(a) of the Parliamentary Elections Bill, which states that, “a person is eligible for an election as an Independent if that person is not a member of a registered political party or organization”.

The youth that attended impassioned public hearing at Mbale District Headquarters on Thursday, 29 August 2019, expressed their discontent suggesting that the clause, which bars candidates from contesting as Independents once they have participated in party elections, is unfair.

The clause adds that such a person should have ceased to be a member of a party 12 months before nomination.

Bugisu sub-region UPC chairman, Mike Kasola, said the clause erodes fundamental human rights of an individual enshrined in Article 20 of the Constitution.

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