Ugandan government launches food aid audit in Karamoja schools

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MOROTO, Uganda

The government has launched an audit for food aid that the World Food Program distributes to primary and secondary schools in Karamoja.


Speaking during the launch in Moroto, Mr. John Byabagambi, the minister for Karamoja affairs said the purpose of carrying out an audit on food distributed by WFP to schools is to help government a certain whether the food is properly utilized for the intended purpose, according to PML Daily

According to Mr. Byabagambi, it has come to the attention of the government that the headteachers in most of the schools of Karamoja sale off the food after receiving from the WFP program leaving children to starve.

WFP program has been one of the UN lead agency supplying food to schools with the move to improve on school enrollment in Karamoja.

However, there have been several cases of food theft by teachers and headteachers who sell the food to other traders in order to supplement their earning.

Mr. Byabagambi said the auditing process includes carrying out headcounts of pupils and students also participate in direct distribution of food to schools.

Ms. Lydia Wamala, the WFP communications officer confirmed the ongoing audit saying its important saying WFP has been facing a big challenge with school administrations that often divert the food delivered to the schools by WFP.

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