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Government of Uganda has of yesterday revealed that only 3 (three) out of the 12 (twelve) action points President Museveni pledged as measures to curb insecurity in the country have been tackled. Insecurity continues to plague country with murders and kidnaps still on the rise with the latest cases being yesterday when two people were gunned down on Entebbe Expressway.

On June 20 of last year, following rampant murders and assassinations in the country, Mr Museveni, Uganda’s President, listed a 12 action points that he said the government would use to tackle insecurity.

They included;

  1. Installation of the CCTV ccameras
  2. Recruiting and Deploying Local Defence Units (LDUs)
  3. Finger Printing of Guns
  4. Establishing a Forensic Laboratory
  5. Requiring Every Vehicle to Have Electronic Number Plates
  6. Re-Introducing the 999 Response System
  7. Addressing Social Media Misuse.
  8. Outlawing Wearing of Hoods While Riding or Travelling on Boda Boda Motorcycles
  9. Introduction of Helmets with Illuminated Numbers
  10. Introduction of More Security Scanners
  11. Regulation of The Use of Drones
  12. Encouraging Installation of Private CCTV cameras.

the Internal Affairs Minister, Gen Jeje Odongo, while responding on a matter of national importance raised by the Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament, Mr Francis Zaake, concerning the current spate of kidnaps and sequent murders of victims yesterday, revealed that the government has taken reasonable steps in installation of CCTV cameras, recruitment of LDUs and finger printing of guns.

“In relation to the installation of CCTV cameras in phase one (Kampala Metropolitan Police area), we now stand at about 70 per cent. We hope to conclude installation of CCTV cameras by end of September 2019, then thereafter we shall embark on phase two and three which is covering the whole country,” Observed Gen.Jeje.

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