Ugandan Cabinet Approves the Proposed Programmatic Approach to planning

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During the Cabinet sitting on Monday, 9th 2019, ministers approved the proposed programmatic approach to planning so as to bring planning in line with the already rolled out programmatic approach to budgeting (PBBS) and synergize all government activities.

The National Development Plan III strategies are summarized as follows;

  • Maintaining Peace, Security and Good governance;
  • Maintaining stable macro-economic environment as an anchor for economic growth and development;
  • Reducing the cost of doing business to attract direct foreign investment, enhance competitiveness of domestically produced goods and services both at local and international markets; and branding and marketing Uganda;
  • Import Replacement and Export Promotion;
  • Value addition and commercialization of agriculture with a focus on small holder farmers;
  • Harnessing the Tourism potential;
  • Promotion of Science, Technology, Engineering and Innovation;
  • Mineral Beneficiation and Oil refining;
  • Revisiting the role of the Government in strategic areas of the economy;
  • Promotion of Private Sector Investment (foreign Direct Investment and Domestic Investment);
  • Community mobilization and mindset change to promote focus on development;
  • Exploiting opportunities of urbanization to drive growth;
  • Increasing domestic Revenue Mobilization;
  • Improving wellbeing and productivity of the population;
  • Promotion of Social Services based on the Parish model;
  • Climate change adaptation and environmental management.
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