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UGANDA: Witness remanded to Luzira for being disorderly in court.

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Court on Wednesday remanded a prosecution witness in the murder case against six people, among them a catholic priest, who are charged with the murder of a person over land in Mityana District.

Kampala High Court Judge Wilson Kwesiga ordered for the imprisonment of Ms Sharon Amutuhaire for misconducting herself before court while she was being cross-examined by the defence lawyers on the evidence she gave.

While giving her testimony, Ms Amutuhaire told court that while she was in Mityana town, she overheard a telephone conversation between two of the accused persons, plotting to kill Kamadha Mulinde Kimbugwe.

However when she was being cross-examined about her evidence, Ms Amutuhaire was told by one of the defence lawyers that telephone records show she was at Kamwego and not Mityana something that led her to shout in court while asking ‘do you think am telling lies?’.

This did not go on well with the trial judge Kwesiga who sent her to Luzira until March 18 to cool down her temper.

“Do not ever quarrel with court officials, you are here wasting court’s time. These people are facing a serious offence of murder and once convicted their sentence is death and you are here playing,” Justice Kwesiga said.

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