UGANDA: Winnie Kiiza crosses from FDC to ANT

UGANDA: Winnie Kiiza crosses from FDC to ANT

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Former leader of opposition and Kasese Woman Member of parliament, Winnie Kiiza is has joined the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT).

Kiiza was unveiled at the ANT press conference held at the party headquarters on Wednesday.

“I ask the members of the press to join the rest of us to welcome home someone who does not need much introduction. The woman Member of Parliament for Kasese District, the former leader of opposition in Parliament, the Hon Winnie Kiiza, you are most welcome,” the ANT national organizing secretary Alice Alaso announced.

“We are very excited to receive Hon Kiiza home, you are extremely welcome.”

Winnie Kiiza was welcomed with chanting and ululation as she joined recent recruits, Paul Mwiru (Jinja East) and Gerald Karuhanga (Ntungamo).

“When we talk about Winnie Kiiza, we are talking about a woman of integrity, a very firm and assertive personality. We are happy to receive home as an institution builder. Winnie Kiiza’s coming home means a lot for this party and this country,” Alaso said.

Speaking at the same event Winnie Kiiza said, “today I have taken a decision to become an active member of the ANT.”

“A month ago I announced to the nation that I was not seeking reelection for the woman MP seat and people started wondering what next. I said I will continue to pursue justice, change, good values, good governance and all those will be pursued but with the ANT as my home,” she added.

Kiiza thanked the FDC for working with her and said she doesn’t regret working with the opposition party.

“I don’t think they also regret working with me, but I come here because I believe in the values that the ANT espouses. I want t to be part of those who will out building blocks for this political party to create hope for the majority of Ugandans who have seemingly lost hope. I thank ANT for creating a home that gives us hope,” Kiiza said.

She said fellow legislators Paul Mwiru and Kassiano Wadri paved way for her joining ANT.

According to internal party sources, Kiiza is tipped to become the new party chairperson, replacing Mugisha Muntu who will be holding the flag for the party in the presidential elections.

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