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UGANDA: UPC discloses its 2021 roadmap.

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KAMPALA – The Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) faction allied to Mr Olara Otunnu on Wednesday yesterday unveiled its 2021 election roadmap that will see it hold a delegates’ conference come August 1.

The party Secretary General, Mr Fred Ebil, said the UPC party cabinet sat on Tuesday 23rd June and approved the internal roadmap and guidelines.

According to the guidelines,picking and returning nomination forms for candidates seeking to stand on the party ticket is June 29 to July 3; Party Presidential Campaigns will take place between July 4 and July 15; district conference for nominations is July 16 to July 26.

Final declaration of results for district nominations is July 28 ahead of the August 1 delegates conference.

Mr Peter Walubiri, the party president of the Mr Otunnu’s wing,said that the party is not in support of the EC’s revised road saying it is in contravention with the Constitution.

“We don’t accept that [because] it is illegal to stop people from campaigning openly. So we shall be challenging the decision by EC,” Mr Walubiri said.

He added: “So we shall be vigorously challenging these provisions so that we return to the normal way of conducting elections. We don’t believe that we shall fail to do this.”

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