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UGANDA: Uber increases transport fares again.

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Ride-hailing company Uber has increased transport fares for the third time in just seven months in what they attributed to a rise in costs.

In a statement yesterday, Uber said: “While we have always tried to keep prices as low as possible, we need to be aware of the increased costs for driver-partners.”

It added: “This comes after implementing an in-depth earnings review to ensure that the Uber app continues to be a reliable economic opportunity for driver-partners, as well as an affordable option for riders.”

The fare per kilometre has been increased from Shs700 to Shs850 while per minute increased from Shs100 to Shs130.

The base fare and minimum fare remained at Shs1,250 and Shs6,000, respectively.

Uber increased fares in June and October last year.

In October last year, the base fare was increased from Shs1,000 to Shs1,250. Fare per kilometre increased from Shs600 to Shs750 while minimum fare rose from Shs5,000 to Shs6,000.

Uber has also attributed the latest increase in fares to investment in technology that will improve safety of its clients.

“You are able to select up to five loved ones as ‘Trusted Contacts’ and can choose to be prompted to share trip details with them during every ride – with a single tap,” the statement reads in part.

Crime against passengers using Uber cars has been a major issue that has affected their business in several cities around the world.

In September 2019, Uber drivers went on strike over low pay. The drivers, who stormed Uber offices in Kampala, said the company was taking a lot from the money made on each journey.

They said they were investing a lot of money on internet and fuel.

Uber has been facing stiff competition from other players that give more commission to the drivers.

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