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Uganda: Two alleged terrorists shot dead

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A joint security team today afternoon shot and killed two thugs who were terrorising the community in and around Mutundwe, Rubaga Division, Kampala.

The duo were part of a group of ten thugs who had built a temporary structure in a swamp located at Mirimbe zone below Natete Taxi Par, Rubaga Division in Kampala. They had nicked named their hide out as the ‘jungle’.They call themselves the ‘jungle gang’.

It’s alleged that they used to leave their hide out heading to various places to rob and they then go back and hide in the swamps. Today, the group had robbed people and police was informed and they started chasing them. In the process two were shot and died instantly. Others are suspected to have been wounded entered in the swamps and disappeared.

The two have only been identified by one name as Bonny and Kizza aged between 20 to 23 years. Exhibits that were got at the scene include laptops, hard discs, Go TV decorders, pangas, marijuana and others.

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