UGANDA: Top singer Chameleone warns fellow artistes against supporting ruling party – “NRM is not loyal”

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Chameleone was part of a group of artists who sang in the ‘Tubonga naawe’ project ahead of the 2016 presidential elections but made a u-turn and crossed to the opposition as the country is preparing for the 2021 elections.

The singer said that the ruling party is not loyal and warned artistes who are associating with it to be cautious.

“I will repeat this. NRM is not loyal, they don’t have truth and they are lying to them (artistes). Why should they buy someone’s love with money? Someone has to love you naturally without money,” the Bayuda singer said.

The pencil-thin singer, however, noted that Uganda is a democratic country and that every artiste, just like any other Ugandan, has a right to support whoever they want .

“Everyone is free to support whoever they want. If they want NRM, let them go”

Chameleone also noted that it is shaming for NRM supporting artistes to fight over President Museveni’s cows, urging them to iron out their differences in the background.

Lord Mayor ambition

Asked if he still has ambitions to run as the Kampala Lord Mayor in the upcoming general elections, Chameleone said that he is ready to take on Erias Lukwago, the incumbent.

“I am still in the race. I hear many people saying that I have given up but I want to assure you that I am coming to take charge of our city with solutions. We are tired of people who talk a lot without making any impact. We elect them and they cry with us. We need to change that,” Chameleone said.

The singer also unveiled new management which included Fortunate Bijou as the replacement for his former manager, Robert Mutima.

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