UGANDA: The Speaker of Parliament to walk 5KM against plastic pollution

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The speaker of Parliament of Uganda Rebecca Kadaga will tomorrow Thursday launch the World Wild Fund for Natures’ Earth Hour 2020’ environmental drive that seeks to intensify a colossal campaign against plastic pollution.

Mr. Happy Ali, the WWF Uganda Communications Officer confirmed that Speaker Kadaga will be the Chief Walk and that she will be flanked hundreds of conservationists to march on Kampala streets to Lugogo.

He said the focus will be put on the latest research, sustainable product design, new manufacturing solutions, recycling and reuse of products and raw materials, as well as the latest and next-generation bio-sourced materials and solutions, to create 100% biodegradable, reusable, and compostable products.

The Fund’s campaign aims at fighting the adverse effects emanating from plastic pollution which is high in the country.

WWF is mobilizing one million people march starting at 9 am on Thursday, February 13 to be held under the theme “No to plastic and Kaveera Pollution, let Uganda breathe.”

Conservationists will walk from Kampala City Square to Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) grounds – Lugogo- a distance of five kilometers-reinforcing the message on based on the 3R approach of reducing, reusing and recycling

Mr. David Duli, the WWF Uganda Country Director said the campaign will address the effects of massive plastic use, and disposal, noting that they are now pushing policymakers to seriously consider the matter.

Mr. Duli also called for a change of practice as his organization spearheads a massive campaign dubbed plastic-free conferences and workshops, a development he says will not only reduce plastic consumption but will also influence the way manufacturers package their products.

The one million people march whose aim is to reinforces the campaign against plastic pollution will bring together sustainability and environmental experts from some of the biggest companies and government —calling for practical and innovative solutions to tackle the growing plastic pollution crisis.

It must be noted that plastic waste endangers human life, animals and the environment if it is not well controlled and disposed of in a proper manner. Pollution from plastics is less visible and therefore our decision-makers or policymakers do not see it as a priority yet it is a silent’ killer.

The impacts of plastic waste are both direct and indirect and they include climatic change as the major impact on the environment, the biomass and fossil fuels that cause air pollution have also caused the earth’s atmosphere warming resulting from the release of greenhouse gasses, health impacts, and damage to the wetland ecosystem.

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