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UGANDA: The ruling Party “National Resistance Movement” offices burnt

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Arsonists have set on fire offices of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party in Kabale town.
The offices that are located in Kisoro Taxi Park on Kabale Road, were burnt on Monday night.

According to one of the party workers, who preferred anonymity, the fire destroyed party membership cards, posters of party leaders, curtains, among other items.

Police took the burnt items to Kabale Police Station.  

A sniffer dog that was brought to track the suspects failed since the scene was already tampered with.

Mr Brian Ampeire, Kabale District Police commander, said they are investigating the exact cause of the fire.

Mr Edison Turyahabwa alias political, the party’s publicity secretary in the district and Mr Amos Rwansheija, a party administrator, declined to comment on the incident.

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