Uganda: Sport Motorbike registration process kicks off

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Uganda Police has officially launched the sport motorbike registration process all over Kampala and its surroundings.

This follows the heinous crimes committed by criminals allegedly moving on motorcycles especially killing innocent citizens thus prompting an issuance of a directive for all sports motorbikes to be registered all over the country beginning with Kampala Metropolitan Policing Area.

The registration of riders in Kampala began yesterday at the Constitutional Square and is set to last for a week depending on the turn up. However the riders asked police for an extension of the registration period to at least a month so as to allow all their colleagues to register.

Kampala Metropolitan Traffic Police Commander SSP. Musinga Norman said this exercise shall require sport motorbike owners to carry their registration numbers, chassis number, engine number, insurance policy, and a few other items that riders ought to present before being registered. This gathered information shall be stored in an electronic database for record purposes.

“I have officially launched the registration process of sport bikes and demonstrated the process to various Regional Traffic Officers and Divisional Traffic Officers. Various forms have been designed, information shall be captured, fed into our database and those registered shall be issued with a clearance form signed by their area DPC. All this is being done so that in future if there is an operation that clearance form will be of great help,” Musinga said


Mr. Morrison Sseruyange the Spokesman of Central Riders Association an association that brings together over 100,000 riders denied claims that any of their members was involved in criminal activities however he assured police that they would heed to the registration directive as a way of showing their support in fighting crime in the country.

“We urge all riders to register so as to show the public that we are law abiding citizens who are ready to cooperate with security agencies so as to fight criminality,” Sseruyange said.