UGANDA: Speaker of Parliament  Kadaga speaks out on corrupt NRM members.

UGANDA: Speaker of Parliament Kadaga speaks out on corrupt NRM members.

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The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has said some big shots in the ruling NRM party hate and are fighting her because they are corrupt and she detests corruption.

Kadaga made the comments on Sunday afternoon while meeting NRM district leaders around the country at Speke Resort Hotel in Munyonyo.

“I don’t like corruption and I speak against it. In this country we have people who are corrupt and some of them are highly placed. So when I speak against them, they say I don’t like the party but the party does not have an agenda for corruption. It is for individuals,”Kadaga said.

Kadaga has in the past years clashed with a number of bigwigs in government and their squabbles have on many occasions gone public whereas on other occasions, President Museveni has had to intervene so save both sides from embarrassment.

The Speaker of Parliament however said she is being fought because of her firm stance on fighting corruption within the party and the country at large that she insisted will continue.

“We(NRM) don’t have agenda for corruption. It is individuals. It is the reason sometimes they say I don’t like government but it is not the case. I like government but it should be straight. If money is meant to for a school, let it go to build the school. If the money is for the road, let it go to the road. They are public interests. It is the reason I conflict with some people because I say no to corruption and I say it straight,” she added.

“We don’t have a party agenda to be corrupt and if there are any corrupt members in the NRM, I must blast them.”

Kadaga is seeking re-election for another term as the NRM second vice chairperson, a post that she is battling for with nemesis and State Minister for Lands, Persis Namuganza.

Speaking after she picked nomination forms at the NRM Electoral Commission headquarters in Kyadondo last week, Namuganza told journalists that elders in the party should continue as advisers to guide the younger generation like her (Namuganza).

“We the young people should have space within our party. The elders should continue to advise and guide us but we must fill these positions as youths so they can be in the backyard and guide us. Young people should participate actively in democracy and party activities. I am here to raise their voices and as they participate in decision making of the party (at CEC),”Namuganza said in a statement that many have since interpreted as being targeted towards Kadaga.

Kadaga shoots back

On Sunday, in a statement that didn’t directly mention anyone, the Speaker of Parliament shot down the earlier statements aimed at taking a dig at her age.

“If you are in NRM and believe in a president who is over 70 but you want to deny a right to a person who is 60, it is only contradictory,”Kadaga said.

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