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UGANDA: Romours, “State House disowns singer Catherine Kusaira and Buchaman”

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The State House has disowned the recently appointed Museveni advisors, singers Catherine Kusasira and Mark Bugembe alias Buchaman.

The revelation was made by Comptroller Lucy Nakyobe who had appeared before Parliamentary Committee on presidential affairs on Friday.

The singers were appointed in October last year by President Museveni where Kusasira was chosen as presidential advisor on Kampala Affairs.

Buchaman was considered for the position of a presidential envoy on Ghetto affairs.

However, speaking to media, Nakyobe said she is not aware of the appointments for the two artistes.

“I was not there when he appointed there, but I heard from the news. I am still waiting for the president to instruct me personally then I will write to the Public Service Commission so they appoint them formally,” she said.

According to Nakyobe, she knows only Jeniffer Nakanguubi alias Full-Figure who was appointed presidential advisor on artistes and youth.

During a function in Katwe in October last year, President Museveni decreed that Catherine Kusasira and former Bobi Wine ally Mark Bugembe will be presidential advisors on Kampala and youth affairs respectively.

“I thank Kusasira for having gone out to weed the work of the NRM that I started in 1968. The garden of the ghetto is a garden of Ignatius Musaazi and it is the work of NRM,” Museveni said, adding Butcherman is a ghetto president who listens to him.

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