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UGANDA: Retired police officers warned against participating in “silly” politics.

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Speaking to the retirees at the official sendoff held at police headquarters in Naguru on Friday, former educationist, Fagil Mandy said the retired officers may be tempted to think of joining politics but asked them to keep it simple.

“Don’t engage in silly politics of shouting around. Love your country but not taking part in the politics of going to the extremes because it will cause you emotional stress and your body will weaken your body,” Mandy told the police officers who are retiring.

He told them that in case any of them wants to join elective politics and they lose, they should never stress themselves by continuing to protest against the outcome but rather retire gracefully and do something else.

“Don’t go around making noise and mixing with hooligans. Associate with local leaders and other members of society. Avoid dirty thoughts in your heads.”

On religion, the former educationist told the retiring officers that they should avoid extremist religions but should continue loving their God and religion.


Fagil Mandy urged the retiring police officers to look after their health while in retirement by engaging in physical exercise but warned them against adopting expensive lifestyles that may not be easy to maintain.

“I have managed to live up to this day despite retiring in 2001 because I live my own lifestyle. I don’t copy anyone. I live a life of simplicity. Do the same. If anyone of you has a talent, maintain it.”

“Spend more time on yourself. Don’t go to attend every burial or wedding of everyone on the village. It will not help you gain anything. Attend a few but above all, avoid having redundant time. Keep yourself busy.”

According to Victor Leku, the acting commissioner in charge of pension in the Ministry of Public Service, the retired officers ought to invest the money they get in form of pension so that they keep earning something.

Col.Jesse Kamunanwire, the Police Human Resource Management director said the pre-retirement counseling to officers is meant to prepare them ahead of their retirement.

“This is meant to ensure the officers cope up with the civilian life they are going into. You should know that retirement does not mean the end of life,”Kamunanwire said.

“You should know there is life after police but it depends on how you prepared for it. Retirement planning should begin the day you join the force.”


A total of 278 senior and junior police officers will officially be retired from the active service of the force after clocking the mandatory 60 years.

This is the first-ever official sendoff of such a big number of officers by the Police force.

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