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UGANDA: President Museveni’s jet bonded in the US amid the Virus Pandemic.

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The State House Comptroller, Lucy Nakyobe,has revealed that covid19 pandemic has greatly affected the operations of State House like other sectors in the country hence incurring a lot of expenses.

Appearing before Parliament’s Accounts Committee to answer queries raised by the Auditor General in financial year 2018/19, Nakyobe said the presidential jet is stuck in the US where it had been taken for maintenance.

She told the committee that a lot of money has been spent to maintain the crew of the jet

“Our jet was out for maintenance in the US and the maintenance normally takes a month but because of the lockdown globally, it has taken four months and for all those months we have had to maintain our crew which is very costly,”she said.

She said State House has also incurred expenses to keep the employees inside all the time without allowing them to go home in order to prevent the risk of contracting the pandemic.

She however said Covid-19 lockdown has helped the State House clear it’s arrears and avoid the supplementary budget which they were about to request.

“Although Covid19 has largely been bad, it has also had come with some good things. For State House if there was no Covid19 and we went ahead as per our plans of internal travels, mobilisation,travel abroad…all these would have required more funds but because of the pandemic and the lockdown, these programmes could not go on as planned,” she said.

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