UGANDA: President Museveni unopposed for  NRM party chairman seat

UGANDA: President Museveni unopposed for NRM party chairman seat

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The ruling NRM party Electoral Commission has declared President Museveni as a sole candidate for the seat of the party national chairman after his contender failed to fulfill requirements.

“I can declare to you and to Ugandans that NRM has one contender for national chairman and that is Yoweri Kaguta Museveni,” the NRM Electoral Commission chairperson, Dr.Tanga Odoi told journalists on Thursday.

Former Makindye East MP John Ssimbwa had expressed interest in challenging the incumbent but according to Tanga, the former legislator never showed seriousness in what he was doing.

“He didn’t commit himself even by paying expression of interest fees. We don’t deal with political realities like that. You can’t come to politics when you are ready.”

Dr.Tanga Odoi said he would move the forms to the next level to nominate Museveni officially as the only candidate for national chairman seat in the ruling party later this month.

“As of yesterday, we have not extended the deadline and accordingly, no one else has expressed interest in becoming party chairperson for NRM,” Odoi said.

Ssimbwa protests

However, John Ssimbwa told journalists that he was not happy with the way things unfolded saying he is running to court over the same.

“The roadmap was very clear that July 20- 22 is for expression of interest and July 27 and 28 is for nomination. How can the Electoral Commission chairperson in the middle of the roadmap declare someone sole candidate when not nominated,” Ssimbwa questioned.

The former legislator said he was still mobilising funds before he could return on July 27 for nomination.

“It seems Tanga is on pressure to declare President Museveni as sole candidate but tomorrow I am going to court over the same matter.”

Ssimbwa was the only NRM member who has expressed interest in challenging President Museveni for the national chairperson seat and told the Nile Post, he expected to win by over 50%.

“I know there is a lot of intimidation among the members but if it is free and fair, I will win by around 59%,” he said.

President Museveni has since 2005 when the country adopted a multiparty system been elected the NRM national chairperson.

However, on many occasions, Museveni’s challengers have had to pull out of the race shortly after declaring their intention to stand against him.

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