UGANDA: President Museveni summons NRM Caucus over new school curriculum, Tumwine censure

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President Yoweri Museveni is on Monday, February 17, set to hold a meeting with the NRM Parliamentary Caucus, which party insiders say is centred on resolving the stalemate between the Executive and the Legislature over the new lower secondary school curriculum.

Also on the agenda is a discussion over the fate of Security minister Elly Tumwiine who is facing censure. The meeting was called by government chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa at the weekend.

Over the last two weeks, there have been disagreements between the Executive and the Legislature over the new secondary curriculum. Parliament had earlier halted the implementation of the new curriculum, citing lack of preparedness, only for Cabinet to approve it last week. As a result, Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga last Thursday summoned Education minister and First Lady Janet Museveni to appear before the House this week and explain why she defied a House resolution on the matter.

“The issues [concerning the lower secondary curriculum] were not for joking, they were spoken on behalf of the people of Uganda, and they must be answered,” Ms Kadaga said last week.

“The Minister of Education must come here and answer those questions to the country,” she added.

On the issue of Gen Tumwine, the President is expected to call for calm among MPs who are planning to censure the minister for blocking Parliament investigations into allegations of the existence of safe houses around Kampala responsible for the torture of suspects.

It is believed that most NRM MPs, who are the majority in the House, have delayed signing the petition to censure Tumwine until Monday’s caucus.

Kumi Municipality MP, Aogon Silas said: “I tell you Monday’s caucus in Entebbe will be on fire because I have been in the canteen with MPs and the way they talk, I doubt if they will excuse him, let’s wait and see what will come out.”

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