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UGANDA: President Museveni reassigns Lt.Gen.Gutti as army court boss.

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President Yoweri Museveni, who is also the commander in chief of the armed forces has reappointed Lt.Gen.Andrew Gutti as the General Court Martial chairman.

“I hereby require the General Court Martial to convene and exercise its jurisdiction as under sub section 2 of section 197 of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces Act,” Museveni’s June,24, 2020 letter reads in part.

The president has also reappointed 19 other court members who will soon be sworn-in.

These include Maj General Joseph Arocha, Colonel Richard Tukacungurwa,( the Judge Advocate), Lt Colonel Medard Bagambe, Lt Col Raphael Mugisha (lead Prosecutor) Maj. John Bizimana(Secretary), Maj. Kamanda Silas Mutungi( Defense Counsel), Lt.Col.Betty Musuya Wanyera, Maj.Richard Turyahabwe,Capt.Glorious Natukunda, Capt.Paul Mugerwa and WO1 Sunday YK Moses.

Museveni has also appointed Brig.George Etyang,Brig.Francis Chemengich Chemo, Col.Frank Kyakonye,Col.David Robert Gonyi, Lt.Col Richard Nimanya,Maj.Douglas Owoyesiga,Capt.Ruth Faith Nabitakke,Lt.Fatuma Njuhi Wakabani and WOI George Mateke as reserve members of the army court.

According to the president’s letter, Maj.Emmy Ekyaruhanga,Maj.Samuel Maserejje and Capt.Ambrose Baguma may also be prosecutors as and when desired by the army leadership.


Lt.Gen.Andrew Gutti was appointed as the army curt chairman in May 2016 replacing the late Maj Gen Levi Karuhanga who died earlier that month.

During his tenure, Gutti has imprisoned Abdalla Kitatta , the patron of the defunct Boda boda 2010 group.

Several senior police officers including former IGP, Gen.Kale Kayihura, SSP Nixon Agasiirwe, SCP Joel Aguma accused of illegally repatriating Rwandan refugees back to Rwanda have also appeared before Gen.Gutti as the army court chairman.

The law

The UPDF Act 2005 provides that the General Court Martial shall consist of a chairman who shall not be below the rank of a Lieutenant Colonel, senior officers, junior officers, a political commissar and a non -commissioned officer and these members are appointed by the High Command for a period of one year.

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