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UGANDA: President Museveni addresses the nation on Coronavirus.

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President Museveni has urged Ugandans to avoid shaking hands ‘unnecessarily’ in the face of a looming coronavirus outbreak.

The president made these statements while addressing members of the Anglican church during a luncheon with the Most Reverend, Lord Archbishop Justin Portal Welby, the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury, who is in the country.

Museveni also reiterated the statements of his social media pages.

“Fellow Citizens, People in Uganda, today I want to address you on the issue of Coronavirus. Coronavirus is real, it does not kill as much and fast like Ebola, but spreads at a very terrific rate. It undermines economies because it is disruptive and inconvenient.”

Museveni expressed worry that Coronavirus could be approaching Uganda, having been recorded in Sub-Saharan Africa and Egypt this week. He said that Ugandans should now get serious in behavior towards such an outbreak by taking precautions and avoiding handshakes.

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