UGANDA: Police warns to ban concerts if revelers continue throwing bottles at musicians.

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Police have said they will be forced to ban concerts over cases of hurling bottles towards musicians on stage.

A number of musicians, especially those thought to be having a soft spot for the ruling National Resistance Movement have in the past been on the receiving end of bottles by revelers at various concerts around the country.

The latest victim was faded star, Ibrahim Mayanja also known as Big Eye at a concert at Freedom City in Wakiso district earlier this month.

Addressing journalists at a press conference at Naguru, Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said event organisers should put in place measures that would ensure safety of everyone attending their concerts.

“We would like to issue a serious warning to event promoters and organisers against acts of disorder by revelers and activists burling bottles and stones during public events and in particular music concerts. We do not want to see a repeat of these ugly incidents which have a potential of putting lives of participants at greater risk,”Enanga said.

“We want everyone attending these events or concerts to have all the fun while obeying the law by acting responsibly and staying safe. It is a timely warning at the beginning of the year, so that sanctions can be taken against an organiser or promoter who fails to address acts of hooliganism and disorders.”

The police mouthpiece said before any concert, organisers must provide them with a plan on how to manage and regulate crowd behavior through deployment of stewards, ushers and private security but also manage traffic flow and its impact on local amenities.

According to Police, all forms of narcotic and alcoholic abuse during the concerts should be controlled but also put in place plans for response to emergency and management situations and safe evacuation.

“Invest in research to find out which musicians are not wanted by the public and these should not be invited for concerts. If you don’t follow the provided guidelines, in future we will not allow concerts,”Enanga said.

Other singers who have been hurled with bottles include Jeniffer Full-Figer and Catherine Kusasira during a boxing-day concert in Masaka at Nabugabo by angry fans

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