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UGANDA: Police tasks bus and taxi operators to observe curfew hours

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KAMPALA- Police have ordered the public transport operators to observe the curfew hours of 7pm to 6am when they resume work tomorrow.

The Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Mr Patrick Onyango, said both passengers and drivers of taxis and buses should plan for their journeys to make sure that they are home by 7pm.

“It is very possible for them to beat the curfew. People need to plan their journey early. If you know your journey takes 30 minutes to reach your place, give yourself an allowance of one hour because of traffic jam. So you have to plan by giving an allowance of extra time of your planned movement to beat the traffic jam,” Mr Onyango added.

The President on Monday allowed the public transport resume but insisted that the taxis and buses must operate at half capacity plus the driver and a conductor.

He also ordered that all the passengers and drivers must wear masks all the time. Mr Onyango added: “At this time the employers understand that there is curfew. This is an abnormal situation.” According to police, all those who fail to observe the guidelines will have their vehicles impounded but also risk being arrested.
Taxi drivers associations say they will have to follow the guidelines..

What drivers say
“Eight people that’s what has been agreed plus the conductor and driver because the conductor must ensure that the passengers sanitise, have masks and he opens the door for them,” Mr Mustafa Mayambala, the chairperson of Uganda Transporters Development Agency (UTRADA), said yesterday.

Mr Mayambala has asked the public to disregard the transport fares circulating on social media as the issue of how much should be charged is still being discussed further.

“The transport fares to be charged; the leaders said they will first discuss so that both the passengers and drivers do not lose. After discussing, then they will call us and we discuss further on the fair amount that should be added with the reduction in the number of passengers,” he added.

Mr Yasin Ssematimba of Kampala Operational Taxi Stages Association said taxi drivers said the curfew and carrying half capacity will affect their work dearly but they have to abide by the rules provided by government.

Taxi operators have been advised to register their taxis with the authorities or miss out on operating.

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