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UGANDA: People Power unveils 500 youth coordinators for party elections

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KAMPALA – The People Power Movement through its National Union Platform party on Thursday unveiled 500 youth coordinators who are tasked with the work of spearheading the upcoming party elections due on August 11.

Mr Francis Zaake, the People Power national youth coordinator said at least two youth representatives were selected from all the 134 districts and the regions in the country.

“This is our continued quest for change. There are many ways in which we are approaching this struggle but most importantly paying attention to the youth. Many of the revolutions that have happened in the world have had the youth and students at the forefront. We are going big on it,” Mr Zaake said.

Party leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine urged the youth to reach out to the voters noting that a decision made determine the change they need to see in the country.

“This journey is going to be tough, they will intimate you, they will beat you, imprison you. They have already killed some of our comrades and I know they will kill few more of us but I am convinced that we shall win, “he said.

Mr Kyagulanyi also called upon all political parties to join him in an alliance that he says will finally take President Museveni out of the power that he has held for 34 years.

“Many people have been saying that we are going for a democratic exam but we don’t have a centre number. What I can tell you now is that we have the centre which is NUP. This will work as the political wing of the People Power pressure group and I would like to invite all political parties to join us,” Mr Bobi Wine said.

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