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UGANDA: Ofwono Opondo: Journalists covering media centre should present IDs

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The Uganda Media Centre (UMC0Executive Director Ofwono Opondo has said while at UMC, all journalists will be required to go with work identity cards.

He made the remarks while addressing the media about the Cabinet’s resolutions on January 21 at the media center in Kampala.

According to Opondo, there have been incidents of many people disguising themselves as journalists since they have not been so keen about security at the media center.

“Some fraudsters have taken advantage of our laxity in security to sneak in as journalists. Security will be enforced at the Centre to counter-attack bribery and terrorism cases act,” he said.

Opondo further lashed out to journalists who are unprofessional and ill-mannered who he said steal their fellows’ phones and ask for facilitation.

“They target officials who come here to address the press and start begging for money from them and asking them for employment opportunities in an inappropriate way,” he told the press.

Opondo said he believes journalists are facilitated by their organisations as they go to the field.

He added that “Henceforth, security screenings at the Uganda Media Centre will be stringent as a way of curbing wrong elements from gaining the premises as well as preventing terror threats.”

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