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UGANDA: NRM youth build online app to straighten 2021 polls

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The app dubbed NRM app, will work as a commutation channel to the top leaders of NRM and interface with voters as well as party members during the 2021 scientific general polls.

How the app works

Speaking to New Vision, Sumayah Saad, the co-founder of the App said one needs to go on the Google play store and download the ‘NRM app’ which is available onandroid and iOS and register with his or her email address.

‘’As NRM youth, we realised that Covid 19 has affected the country and scientific elections are going to be hard for candidates to reach out to their voters. We therfore, decided to create the NRM App to to help us locate and reach the electorate,” Saad said.

She explained that the Application was developed to help young entrepreneurs develop technologies and help communities.

 “The App will help NRM members to launch their manifestos to the electorates, and create an opportunity for the later to interface with top leaders without any limitations,” She added saying, the party’s live events will also be show cased.

Responding to the question as to why they designed the App for only NRM, Saad said they were giving back to the Party and appreciating what it has done to the development and peace among Ugandans.

She called upon Ugandans to embrace the new development as it aims at giving right information without the risk of spreading coronal virus.

Ronald Katamba, the App, content director said all the correct information about what NRM has done will be contained.

“With new strategies of the NRM App, the Party will sweep votes in the coming elections by 80%,” Katamba noted.

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