UGANDA: “No sane person should expect the next elections to be fair” – Ssemujju.

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Kira Municipality Member of Parliament Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has claimed that the upcoming 2021 general election is likely to be the worst in terms of rigging.

Ssemujju made these remarks while appearing on NBS Television’s Morning Breeze on Monday morning.

He said he doesn’t expect anyone to think that the elections will be fair because the incumbent, President Museveni has already rigged the elections.

“2021 is likely to be the worst election this country has experienced because our dear leader does not want any organized competition. I do not think there is anyone sane who will say this election will be fair,” Ssemujju said.

“You have one person and his group campaigning every day. That is the frame under which we go to the elections. It is maneuvering to survive in the game, police and military are abusing the law,” he added.

The opposition chief whip also said that he is not obsessed with the electoral reforms because even those that are present are not being followed.

He said: “The Electoral Commission has appeared before our committee about four to five times regarding their budget. The 2021 elections will be the biggest investment Uganda will make. We shall spend more than 2 trillion.”

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